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Data Centre Services Pvt.Ltd

Data Centre Services Pvt.Ltd is a sister company of New Edge Technologies Private Limited in Thimphu. Data Centre Services (DCS) is a world-class tier-II data center inside Bhutan's first IT Park - ThimphuTech Park (TTPL) which is promoted by the Department of Information Technology and Telecom, Ministry of Information and Communications, Royal Government of Bhutan, supported by the World Bank, and developed jointly by Assetz Property Group of Singapore, and Druk Holding & Investments.

The DCS Data Center harnesses the innate advantages of Bhutan-the abundance of low cost sustainable green power in the country, and low cooling costs due to its year-round cool climate-two major cost factors in the data center operations - to deliver a global standard facility that would rank amongst the best in the region.DCS data center is designed and built to meet the exact international standards, while at the same time ensuring that it will have a minimal adverse impact on our environment. To meet such a brief, DCS has adopted various next-generation technologies and design concepts while moving away from the legacy data center design parameters.

The data center has multiple levels of redundancy and connectivity built into the system. It is manned by highly qualified technical personnel who are OEM certified and have excellent hands-on experience on various complex IT solutions implemented in Bhutan.