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Data Centre Services Pvt. Ltd. - Physical Security

  • Video surveillance of internal and external premises
  • Video recording
  • 24x7 manned security
  • Nitgen bio-metric access
  •  Entry only through access cards
  • Man Trap

Data Centre Services Pvt.Ltd. - Security: Fire Detection and Suppression

  • VESDA from Xtralis
  •  3M NOVAC 1230 Clean Agent
  • Dupoi`nt FE36 gas based hand held extinguishers
  •  Fire rated doors
  •  Fire rated wall paint
  •  Distributed fire alarm control equipment to avoid single point of failure
  • General area sprinklers: probably the largest internal water tanks in Thimphu –

130,000 liter capacity

Data Centre Services Pvt. Ltd. - Security: Rodent Control

Comprehensive Maser Rodent Repellent System installed. A small rodent can crash an entire IDC. We have used the ultrasonic repellents extensively, not only in the server room but also along electrical cable ways from the basement to the room.

Data Centre Services Pvt. Ltd.- Online Security

  • Next Generation ASA 5585-X Firewall
  • Proper access control
  • Network Segmentation
  • VPN
  • Conduct proper O&M

Data Centre Services Pvt. Ltd. - Cooling

  • Data Centre Services Pvt.Ltd. Has used CL20 rear door heat exchangers from the UK- for the first time in Asia
  • LPS from UK
  • cooling backed by ups and generator power
  • Can handle up to 30 kW heat load, with minor changes, even beyond


  • Two 11 kV feeders from two different substations Olakha and Semtokha via separate routes
  • Two power feed paths from TTP’s ABB power room the Data Centre Services Pvt. Ltd. server room
  • Two K-Rated transformers from ABB
  • Volvo Diesel Generator with 36 hours fuel storage capacity
  • Rack-mounted UPS from Eaton corporation, UK
  • Raritan rack PDUs monitorable from UK
  • All electrical works implemented by sequent, Bangalore